Reflections: Vinyl
  • Reflections: Vinyl

Reflections: Vinyl

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Rob Galloway - Reflections (2016)

Side A

  1. For No Good Reason
  2. Bitter End
  3. Always In My Heart
  4. Same Mistakes
  5. Burned

Side B

  1. Stockholm Syndrome
  2. I Want To Be Loved
  3. Sound of the Kraken
  4. The Girl I'm Dreaming of
  5. Old Friend
  6. Beautiful

Written by Rob Galloway Produced by Rob Galloway + Grant Henderson at Loom Studios, Yorkshire Recorded between April 2015 - March 2016

Performed by

Rob Galloway - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Kieran O'Malley - Violin Nick Wallace - Percussion Samuel Thornton - Saxophone, Piano Adam Richards - Double Bass Barbara Pugliese - Vocals Will Grinder - Electric Guitar, Banjo Grant Henderson - Additional Percussion

Photography by Peter Wood

I decided to record this album last year with the initial idea of releasing a solo acoustic album, the idea then developed into a much bigger beast. Naturally I wanted to work with Grant Henderson who produced the two albums by The Yalla Yallas. We we're long due a proper catch up.

I went in to the studio with the idea of recording a raw 10-Track album in two days - which I did. We sat back and thought there is a lot more to these songs ... so why not develop them further.

I first brought in Kieran and Nick from the Sea Whores, followed by Sam and Adam from King Zepha. It was Adam with a 2am phonecall who convinced me to record 'Burned' after he heard the wrong set of recordings. 'Burned' was a late addition to the album. It wasn't recorded in the initial session. I wrote it after meeting Barbara Pugliese at Glastonbury. I had seen her band Barbarella's Bang Bang perform - I just had to write a song for her - I did and she agreed to come sing it. Will Grinder - My band mate from The Yalla Yallas was the last to join me in the studio - It was such a pleasure to hear him play something other than loud punk rock.

The songs represent different people in my life. I analysed my friendships, relationships, and myself. I know it's cliche but it was like therapy for me. I have a real sense of peace since these came into my life.

Enjoy x

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