Stripped Part One

Saturday 27th January 2018.

The Yalla Yallas are playing their first show of the year. The Primrose in Leeds. We played our very first gig here in December 2007. So it’s a little over 10 years. It’s also the promoter Doc’s 50th Birthday. Doc is unique in terms of promoting. Posters design in Leeds City Library and graphics courtesy of clip art. Doc will book anyone. Absolutely anyone. He’s also really proud of all the acts he books. Most bands in Leeds would’ve played their first and possibly only shows for Doc. He give us our first show and we felt we should give him one back.

On the bill is our friends 4 Letter Holiday under a new guise of ‘We Sold The Trees’ are on the bill. I’m informed in advance that one of the members is a little upset with me. I laugh it off but I’m left a little hurt and perplexed by this news. Just what had I done? I try recall our last conversations and I’m genuinely struggling to remember. I felt best to greet that person with a handshake and a how are you? Things are a bit frosty. The other band members are begging me not to exacerbate the situation. I want to apologise but I don’t wish to apologise when I don’t know what I’ve done. That’s not an apology. Anyway we have a little chat and by the end of the night we’re hugging and hopefully now everything is resolved. Sometimes I know I can be brutal with jokes. A little cutting. A sharp wit that can sometimes go too far. However the minute I realise I’ve upset or hurt someone my heart breaks. Please take me with a pinch of salt. I sometimes try get a reaction or argue a polar opposite to get someone to really stand up for their beliefs. I genuinely don’t mean to upset people. I’m sorry for doing that from time to time.

This situation created an energy in me for the show. I was also pumped because I’d earlier witnessed Lewis Pugh’s new band Pleasant Boys. What a bloody brilliant band. Instantly one of my favourite new bands around. I’m excited to see where they progress.

The Yallas kick off to a full room and it’s a great atmosphere. Some regular faces and some new ones. I feel match fit after the Xmas break. The rest of the band are sounding and playing match fit too. No rehearsals either. The crowd are a singing along and some are trying to remove my pants. There’s an attempt to get me crowd surfing but it doesn’t go as planned and instead Lewis gets a face full of my sweaty armpit. I’m really enjoying playing The Primrose again. I keep getting flashbacks to when we played there earlier in our career and all the things we’ve achieved since our last appearance.

After the show I spend time talking to my pal Daimo. It must be said that he did a cracking job of singing ‘Retaliation’. People keep shaking my hand and expressing their delight at the show. Daimo also asks for my custom shirt which reads ‘Docs Leather Trousers’. The promoter I mentioned earlier used to wear these legendary hideous trousers. When he asked us to do the show our terms read “Only if you wear the leather trousers”

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