Rob Galloway

Rob Galloway - Reflections (2016)

  1. For No Good Reason
  2. Bitter End
  3. Always In My Heart
  4. Same Mistakes
  5. Burned
  6. Stockholm Syndrome
  7. I Want To Be Loved
  8. Sound of the Kraken
  9. The Girl I'm Dreaming of
  10. Old Friend
  11. Beautiful

Written by Rob Galloway Produced by Rob Galloway + Grant Henderson at Loom Studios, Yorkshire Recorded between April 2015 - March 2016

Performed by

Rob Galloway - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Kieran O'Malley - Violin Nick Wallace - Percussion Samuel Thornton - Saxophone, Piano Adam Richards - Double Bass Barbara Pugliese - Vocals Will Grinder - Electric Guitar, Banjo Grant Henderson - Additional Percussion

Photography by Peter Wood

I decided to record this album last year with the initial idea of releasing a solo acoustic album, the idea then developed into a much bigger beast. Naturally I wanted to work with Grant Henderson who produced the two albums by The Yalla Yallas. We we're long due a proper catch up.

I went in to the studio with the idea of recording a raw 10-Track album in two days - which I did. We sat back and thought there is a lot more to these songs ... so why not develop them further.

I first brought in Kieran and Nick from the Sea Whores, followed by Sam and Adam from King Zepha. It was Adam with a 2am phonecall who convinced me to record 'Burned' after he heard the wrong set of recordings. 'Burned' was a late addition to the album. It wasn't recorded in the initial session. I wrote it after meeting Barbara Pugliese at Glastonbury. I had seen her band Barbarella's Bang Bang perform - I just had to write a song for her - I did and she agreed to come sing it. Will Grinder - My band mate from The Yalla Yallas was the last to join me in the studio - It was such a pleasure to hear him play something other than loud punk rock.

The songs represent different people in my life. I analysed my friendships, relationships, and myself. I know it's cliche but it was like therapy for me. I have a real sense of peace since these came into my life.

The album will be released independently in the summer on Vinyl and CD. There are no plans to make the album available for MP3/Streaming at this time.

Enjoy x

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