From the recording Diamond In Dirt


Under Attack
Verse 1
It was the 1st April 2009 when we stormed the banks
and I was there on the front line with a plackard in my hand
Toe to toe with a Policeman, He said "Dont say another word,
or your going inside that meatvan", It's not right it's so absurd
'Cause we were only protesting, Getting our feelings off our chest
and for voicing our opinions we were threatened with arrrest
and Billy Bragg was singing, One love the crowd song back
The riot police moved in and we were under attack
Verse 2
I heard a little later on BBC news 24
That it had all kicked off and a man had died, A copper shoved him to the floor
So now we demand some answers, Why did you keep us penned in all day?
You deprived our food and water, and stuck a batton in our face
Verse 3
I'd like to think things will change but I know they never will
'Cause we will always be oppressed, It's the nature of the world
So tell me what did happen to the right of free speach
It's time to make a stand again, Lets take it to the streets!!!
Chorus x 2