From the recording Diamond In Dirt


Diamond In DIrt
Verse 1
Well I spent all summer just sleeping around
I must have had a hundred girls all from different towns
Then one stood out just like a diamond in dirt
I said "I promise you everything, I promise the earth"
But she'll say my reputation says that I'll never change
and that I say the same to any woman who looks my way
I 'll tell her that's not true and that she is the one
C'mon baby let's walk in the sun
I don't wanna be your boyfriend, I want something more
I think I've found someone thats worth living for
I can see it in your eyes, In your heart and your soul
C'mon baby your my girl
Verse 2
And as time goes on we'll be talking again
You won't wanna love me, You'll just want to be friends
If I thought that was true then It would be fine by me
But when I talk of other girls I see your jealousy
So let your guard down and just let me in
I promise I'll be careful, I won't break anything
Like your heart, Your soul, and your beatiful smile
I'm in no rush, I'll be here for a while
Please, Please, Tell me that you want me
Please, Please, Tell me that you need me