From the recording Diamond In Dirt


Better Off With Nothing
Verse 1
God said to me "Your not welcome here"
The Devil said "Rob, make yourself at home, put your feet up"
and I don't know if it's right what somebody said
That the day you go to hell is the day your dead
Well I've never felt so alive
It's not my fault that everyones looking for something
and that I've found something worth living for
I reckon, Your better off with nothing
'Cause things just keep on weighing you down
Verse 2
Ray said to Rob "Don't you ever give up"
I said "I can't man, I got a deal with the world, and I need to be standing"
'Cause laid on my back in a wooden box
I'll be no use to no one and here it gets hot,
and theres no room for dancing
Verse 3
I saw God and the Devil sat at the bar
Sharing a joke they were laughing so hard at us, They think we are fools
'Cause you see they set us up in a game we can't win
We may as well just sell up and cash it all in for drugs, Woooh!!!
Let's get high