1. Say No

From the recording Diamond In Dirt


Say No
Verse 1
Do you answer every instruction with a yes?
Do you never ask a question or make a request?
Do you settle for what you've been told? or What you have heard?
Have you ever thought someone has lied just to get you to work?
'Cause I know were been lied to everyday
and for some silly reason we don't stand up and say no
We don't stand up and say no
Say No
Verse 2
That man on the telly every night who reads us the news
We trust him even though he fills our lives with the blues
But what if the words that he's saying are not true at all?
He's just a puppet on a string for a government that's scaring us all
Verse 3
We have to start thinking and standing for ourselves
'Cause the way were are going were sending this earth straight to hell
By ignoring and turning our heads makes us as bad as them
So lets stand together and together we can win
The time has come to change, So let's change today
The time has come to end all our wicked ways
Repeat to fade