From the recording Act Of Defiance


Rock n Roll Kid

Drink and drugs, I'm a psycho punk
I like to get stoned and I don't give a fuck about
Government law or whats right or wrong
Cause' I'm just chilling out with my friends
And tonight I'll eat all my mushrooms
I'll be a good boy when I go to cartoon land

My mother always told me don't take them pills
My teacher then told me infront of my friends
That drugs are bad you'll go to jail
But no one ever told me how good it feels
To be dancing, kissing when you're E'd up
And you can't remember how the hell you got home

With a tick and a tock my heart beats stop
My body is slowing down, It's telling me "Rob!!!
You gotta slow down, You'll burn yourself out"
My dopamine's crying, crying out so loud
But I don't care ... I won't give in
Cause I'm the origional ... rock n roll
Rock n Roll Kid